Brand Story

Throughout our 125 year history, Penn Foster has continually evolved to meet the needs of learners, providing relevant resources and tools to help them prepare for a better future. The Penn Foster brand represents not only a longstanding dedication to education innovation, but also a commitment to making education accessible to all. We are eternally optimistic and hopeful that through knowledge and skill - and a little help along the way - our students' educational and life goals are within their reach. Our hope is that our voice reflects this confidence, not only in the programs and services we provide, but also in the abilities of our students. We strive to be a brand that is thoughtful and responsive, and in turn, loved.

Why is brand important?

A brand is a promise to customers. The brand promise incorporates more than just tangible products and services. It also includes the feelings that consumers get when they use our products and services.

The way consumers perceive our brand is what defines it. It’s everything the public thinks it knows about our brand’s offering - both factual, and emotional.

Our brand is much more than a logo. It is our story and persona. It is the experience people have with our school. We create brand guidelines to reinforce those elements and to ensure we are representing Penn Foster with one unified voice.

Each one of us plays an important role as a representative of the Penn Foster brand. By acting out our culture code and using these tools and guidelines, we will continue to strengthen and amplify our brand.