Consistent use of typography is a simple way to align our visual identity. Fonts set a cadence for how communication is read and can do a lot to alleviate denseness on the most text-heavy pages.

Primary Typefaces

Proxima Nova is Penn Foster's primary typeface. The font family is extremely diverse, with 42 weights and styles. Proxima creates a modern and approachable feel and works well for display and body copy. Utopia is our preferred serif font to be used in headlines or display copy.

Roboto Condensed may also be used as a display font in combination with our serif and sans serif fonts.

Roboto Condensed

Please contact the Brand Team for guidance with using our fonts.

Fonts are licensed products and cannot be shared. If you require a font license please contact Jim Healey at [email protected]. For most employees, the use of the default font Arial is recommended for daily use.

Default Typeface

San Serif

Arial is the preferred desktop font for business documents, email, PowerPoint presentations, and other office needs.


When a serif font is absolutely necessary, Georgia should be used, but Arial remains the preferred default typeface for all electronic communications.

Type Guide