All imagery should support the Penn Foster brand promise. An online photo gallery is available for individual departments to use. The gallery can be found here and provides a wide variety of photography for internal and public use. For any other photography needs submit a creative request here. Image style plays a critical role in developing a vivid and meaningful identity for Penn Foster. The Penn Foster image style consists of two categories: minimalistic and journalistic.


Focuses on diversity and relevant to the subject matter. Subject can consist of people and places, as well as inanimate objects or still lifes which reflect our brand vision. Natural lighting, unusual cropping, framing, and interesting angles all give an authentic feeling. Photographs should present topics in the most compelling, effective, and dynamic way. One of the best ways to do this is to show people doing the work that’s related to their story. This includes putting them in a setting where their work is done and using relevant props like a tool or a specimen.


Simple layered imagery, traditional cropping, and few if any diversity in range or media.


The print and web photography guidelines also apply to video. Authenticity is the rule: your subjects telling their stories in their own words, and in their own space. Staged studio scenarios and voiceover might occasionally be appropriate, but whenever possible, capture your subjects interacting with their actual work, research or learning space adds authenticity to your video.

Graphics and Animation

Penn Foster uses a mixture of flat animated graphics and video to create a fun yet functional effect for promotional and instructional content.

Release Forms

We require that a release form be signed whenever we are photographing a specific person. As a general guide, if you are taking a picture of a single person or a small group and they are the main focus of your shot, have them complete and sign a release form. All signed release forms should be given to Jim Healey, Creative Services Manager.

Whenever possible, inform groups of people gathered for workshops or events ahead of time when photography will be taken. Post a sign at the entrance that states, "Photos will be taken at this event and potentially used in promotional materials. By attending this event, you consent to have your photo taken and allow us to use these photographs. If you wish to not have your image taken, please let the organizers know." Always bring release forms to pass around as well.

Standard Release Form

For any questions or concerns regarding photography or videography, contact our Art Director, Eric Sandroski [email protected]