Logo Basics

With students ranging from 14-90 years old, and a business to business audience, the Penn Foster logo must be able to live in different contexts comfortably. Given the dichotomous audience of Penn Foster, we designed the mark in two separate parts: one half traditional and the other more progressive. The same characteristics are true for the logotype, which employs serif type (Palatino), which says "school", and a san-serif type (Proxima Nova) for a modern more approachable feel. This balance in the logo itself allows us to be playful at times but also smart and sophisticated in our design.

The Penn Foster logo should appear prominently in all communication materials created by the school and its units. To accommodate the technical needs of various media, there are several official versions of the logo for use in print applications, web and mobile devices, video broadcast and electronic presentations, as well as merchandising.

The Penn Foster logo is the primary identifier in all communications. The consistent and proper use of the Penn Foster logo strengthens our reputation onto all of the individual school entities that make up Penn Foster.

Our identity system prohibits the use of any additional iconography, marks, or artwork in conjunction with the Penn Foster logo or any supplemental signature. Approved secondary identity elements may be used as supporting art, but they should always be clearly separated from our official marks.

The logo pictured above anchors the entire visual identity system. It is used on all communications, and its effectiveness relies on consistent presentation.


HEX #323232

Logo Configurations

There are several approved configurations for the Penn Foster logo. They are distinct and should not be recreated.

Variations of the logo below are to be used when referencing all three schools. Use the logo format that makes the most sense for the media or design you are working on.

Guidelines for the Individual School Logos: Penn Foster High School, Penn Foster College, and Penn Foster Career School can be found here.

The Icon

The updated brand includes a refined icon. The icon is not to be altered in any way. This includes removing the quill from its box, adding background colors or patterns, or adding outlines. The quill icon can be shown knocked out in white or in solid black if black and white printing is required.

Unacceptable Logo Variations

The Penn Foster logo was created as a unified graphic and cannot be altered in any way. None of the following is permitted under any circumstances:

Do not use the old version of the logo

Do not change the logo color

Do not outline the logo

Do not distort or warp the logo in any way

Do not change the typefaces

Do not alter the school treatments

Other Unacceptable Variations

  • Rotate the logo
  • Use any type of effect or skew
  • Stack icon differently
  • Reproducing the logo in colors other than the official approved colors
  • Placing the logo on a background that distracts or overpowers the logo

Individual School Logo Lockup

A logo lockup is the combination of the Penn Foster logo and the name of the specific Penn Foster school. In the primary style of the logo lockup, the first line is “Penn Foster” The second line is the name of the major academic unit (school/college) in all caps only. Each of the three Penn Foster Schools has its own logo lockup with approved variations. Always use a school specific logo when referring to an individual school. This is especially important when referring to accreditation.

Penn Foster Education Group

Penn Foster Education Group, Inc. is an organization dedicated to developing and acquiring industry leading technologies, tools and resources to support alternative pathways for opportunity youth and adult learners. Focused on enabling education tied to workplace competencies and learner needs, Penn Foster Education Group is at the forefront of design and development of learning platforms and educational content. Penn Foster Education Group is a corporate affiliate of Penn Foster, Inc. which operates three schools – Penn Foster High School, Penn Foster Career School and Penn Foster College.

Companion Logos

Companion logos are marks that combine the Penn Foster logo with departments or programs. Companion logos can be used for promotional items and on print pieces Companion logos can be provided by the Penn Foster Brand Team.


Ask our creative department about the array of PFx logos available!

Powered by Penn Foster

The Powered by Penn Poster logo instantly communicates to learners that Penn Foster expertise and PFx technology are powering the education and training, services and products provided to them.

Other Marks

Penn Foster has several marks and seals that are used to commemorate special events and anniversaries, and are used on official documents such as diplomas and student transcripts.