Blue is the primary color and an integral part of the Penn Foster brand. The Penn Foster Blue color should appear in every color piece. Our primary colors should dominate all communications, including: Study Guides, Websites, Digital and Print Advertisements, Recruitment Material, Print Promo.

The accent and neutral color palettes should be used according to the following guidelines:

Tie accent colors to the subject. Limit the number of support/neutral colors used in a single piece so they do not overpower the blue, especially when the blue only appears in the tag. Avoid color combinations that could be associated with other colleges or schools. Accent palette colors can be used with the secondary colors to bring depth to the design (blue variations and grays). When choosing colors, keep in mind the audience for whom your piece is designed. A recruiting piece could use more bold colors from the secondary palette, while a report might have a more quiet look and feel.

Logo Palette

RGB: 19-166-221
CMYK: 91-25-0-14
Hex: #13A6DD
PMS: 312
RGB: 46-46-48
CMYK: 69-62-58-49
Hex: #2E2E30
PMS: Black

Core Palette

RGB: 21-155-205
CMYK: 76-24-6-0
Hex: #159BCD
RGB: 0-49-73
CMYK: 100-30-0-71
Hex: #01314A
PMS: 302
RGB: 225-121-44
CMYK: 9-63-96-1
Hex: #E1792C
PMS: 166
RGB: 234-234-234
CMYK: 5-4-4-0
RGB: 100-60-173
CMYK: 63-75-0-0
Hex: #643CAD
RGB: 62-158-79
CMYK: 72-8-83-0
Hex: #3E9E4F

Web Accent Palette

RGB: 1-116-238
Hex: #0174EE
RGB: 34-52-88
Hex: #223458
RGB: 34-219-125
Hex: #22DB7D
RGB: 51-223-193
Hex: #33DFC1
RGB: 255-231-10
Hex: #FFE70A

Acceptable Gradients

Hex: #D760D8 to #5342B9

Hex: #9ADD31 to #29D88C

Hex: #00C6FF to #555DFF

Hex: #FF7E00 to #FFC516

PFx Palette

RGB: 46-53-86
CMYK: 84-74-35-21
Hex: #2E3556
RGB: 21-155-205
CMYK: 76-24-6-0
Hex: #159BCD
RGB: 240-114-28
CMYK: 0-58-98-0
Hex: #F0721C
RGB: 140-210-236
CMYK: 36-0-3-0
Hex: #8CD2EC
RGB: 51-223-193
CMYK: 0-33-66-0
Hex: #F9A757

UI Notification Palette

RGB: 255-203-202
Text Color: #AF2E29
RGB: 255-236-194
Text Color: #B35827
Hex: #FFECC2
RGB: 188-244-216
Text Color: #375C48
Hex: #BCF4D8
RGB: 220-241-249
Text Color: #3D5E6B
Hex: #DCF1F9

Color Proportions

To consistently achieve the right balance of color throughout our communications, refer to the color wheel below for proper proportions. It's not a precise mathematical system, but this chart should provide an idea of relative use.

Tints & Shades

Use of tints and shades of the accent and neutral palette colors provides countless options and variations. The colors provide both dominant and neutral choices to balance and complement blue and navy.

The color palettes give you many options, but deciding on the right combinations of colors can be challenging. Download the official swatch palette here. The brand team is available for counsel and assistance.