The consistent and proper use of the Penn Foster logo strengthens our reputation onto all of the individual school entities that make up Penn Foster.

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Color System

Blue is the primary color and an integral part of the Penn Foster brand. Our primary colors should dominate all communications.

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Proxima Nova gives Penn Foster a modern and approachable feel. Consistent use of typography is a simple way to align our visual identity.

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Brand Story

The Penn Foster brand represents not only a longstanding dedication to education, but also a commitment to making education accessible to all. We are eternally optimistic that our students' educational and life goals are within their reach.

Brand Story


Culture is a set of shared beliefs, values and practices.


Empower youth and adult learners with knowledge, skills and confidence to improve their employability and workplace effectiveness.


Help students achieve their academic goals and unlock their career potential.


Create a better world through knowledge and skill.

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